Profile System[INQ. NO. 1911M15] The Profile System from Wonjin Aluminum is a top-quality aluminum extruder and a brand of profile systems for industry automation.
The systematic product realizes a simple and convenient assembly method by using standard extruded aluminum materials to shorten work processes such as cutting, welding, finishing and painting steel materials and keep steel products clean. Design, processing, and assembly processes are standardized for excellent cost savings.
The Profile System produced by Wonjin features excellent cost-reduction effects thanks to its standardized design, processing and assembling.
Wonjin is proud of its technological reliability backed by excellent materials, precision extrusion accuracy, and its 30-year-long history.
The product is based on the materials of A6061 and A6063, and T5 and T6 heat treatment gave the product sufficient strength, a beautiful surface, and excellent mechanical properties.
It is an ideal cross-sectional design structure that fully functions even at light weight and provides the necessary data for structural design such as cross-section secondary moment and section coefficient.
The product has 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm openings, giving customers a wider choice of applications. V lines at the openings enable easy positioning when drilling.
Since the company’s foundation in 1987, its employees have always been striving based on steady technology development in order to create value for new customers.
In addition, harnessing its competitive human resources system, the company is putting its utmost efforts into realizing customer satisfaction through the One-Stop System Method from design to production, construction and after-sales service.
Efforts to become the best in the aluminum industry made Wonjin a company duly recognized for its high quality and empowered it to secure KS certificates, certified high test scores, performance certification, excellent product designation certificates, and secure strong competitiveness as a self-quality assurance company.
Wonjin will keep its promises with customers to become a strong company, and always endeavor to enrich customers’ lives with its products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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