Construction Equipment for Concrete Movement and Pumping[INQ. NO. 1912M42] Established in 1996, Samil Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. has specialized in manufacturing and delivering construction equipment domestically and to overseas markets. It has grown into a leading company in the field, overcoming the 1997 financial crisis.
Long years of accumulated steady reliability and attention from its customers make it possible for the company to continuously improve its presence and performance in the market.
Samil Heavy Industries manufactures various kinds of construction equipment for concrete movement and pumping such as truck-mounted boom pumps, towed-type trailer pumps, placing booms for high-story operations, and mix truck for transporting concrete.
The pump for concrete pumping operates machinery by using oil pressure. There are three ways of operations by oil pressure to operate equipment with each advantage and disadvantage point.
Most companies manufacturing concrete pumps possess technology that enables manufacturing of only one system among three operating systems, but Samil Heavy Industries obtained technologies for manufacturing all three operating systems. Thus, Samil Heavy Industries has technologies that make it possible for it to fully supply the exact system each customer wants.
Samil Heavy Industries has been professionally manufacturing concrete pumps over the past 20 years.
And the company has recently started manufacturing highly competitive concrete mix trucks, both in terms of quality and price.
Samil Heavy Industries has since 2001 been exporting concrete pumps to 23 countries including those in Africa and the EU, as well as Australia, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Brazil, etc. and provided its parts to 31 nations.
Only four companies including Samil Heavy Industries among 13 domestic companies manufacturing concrete pumps in South Korea currently can manufacture boom manufacturing (boiling making for steel structure) with 100 percent own technologies.
Samil Heavy Industries is the only company that has experience of exporting technology for the related products in the domestic industry circle (GCL, India).
Samil Heavy Industries is preparing to invest in diverse infrastructure (human resources, materials, capital, etc.) in order to develop the technology of 3D printer concrete pumps, and eagerly seeks to develop high-quality parts using special materials as well. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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