Inverter Chiller Series[INQ. NO. 1912M40] Hyundai ENG Co., Ltd. developed and is selling inverter chillers with a BLDC inverter for the first time in Korea. The inverter chillers can reduce energy consumption by up to 30 percent.
Many companies tried to commercialize inverter chillers but failed. But Hyundai ENG succeeded in their commercialization.
Although inverter chillers were already developed and commercialized in Japan a long time ago, their high prices have limited their wider use in industrial fields. But Hyundai ENG’s inverter chillers are of high quality and cheaper than those of Japan.
Therefore, they have a bright future as there is high demand for them in industrial fields where it is needed to save energy.

Furthermore, Hyundai ENG developed inverter laser chillers additionally. They are being supplied to welding lines of luxury car factories.
Inverter chillers have many features such as:
Thanks to intelligent controllers and PID control, they can stay at ±0.1°C under a stable load. BLDC inverter compressors, condenser fan motors and electronic expansion valves are innovative solutions for chillers’ energy saving.
They maximize energy efficiency by controlling the amount of refrigerants and compression by immediately responding to maximum and minimum cooling loads.
A high-efficiency BLDC fan motor boosts energy efficiency and improves surrounding environments by maintaining constant condensation pressures and stabilizing cycles.
Hyundai ENG’s auto inverter chillers can reduce energy consumption by more than 30% compared to constant-speed chillers with a variable frequency control.
Established in 1973, Hyundai ENG holds various patents and certificates about chillers. The company has positioned itself as a leader in the chiller industry in recognition of its technological prowess.
Hyundai ENG actively participates in industrial exhibitions and has a history of exporting chillers to the U.S.A, Japan, Vietnam, East Asian areas, the Middle East, China and Russia. Hyundai ENG is trying to make its brand well recognized in the world market. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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