Transmission & Transaxle for Fork Lifts[INQ. NO. 1912M44] A transmission and a transaxle are key components of a forklift.
Kum A Powertech’s products use the power of an engine to operate a forklift.
It is possible to easily control and maintain them with high power and transmission oil only without gear oil.
Kum A Powertech Inc. reduced their sizes and made then more convenient to maintain by taking into account the forklifts’ working environments which are usually narrow places.
The technology-intensive products are exported to Jungheinrich, Germany. From 2019, Kum A have been supplied to Doosan forklifts.

Piston Pumps
Piston pumps mounted on heavy machinery such as excavators are a source of power to generate hydraulic pressure, enabling heavy machinery to work.
Kum-A Powertech’s piston pumps are currently exported to China, Turkey and Indonesia. They create hydraulic oil pressure by using some power from the engines. Therefore, the company can make good-quality products at lesser costs.
Gear pumps
Gear pumps for agricultural machinery such as tractors and rice planting machines and combines work in the same way.
Kum-A Powertech with an advantage over its competitors in terms of price and quality is currently supplying gear pumps to satisfy customers through Daedong Industrial, a Korean company.
Kum A Powertech Inc. manufactures and exports transmissions and axles for forklifts, piston pumps for excavators, and gear pumps for agricultural machinery. Currently, the company is globally building its reputation by exporting products to Germany, China, Indonesia, India, Turkey, and the UK.
Globally active Kum A Powertech’s strength lies in its original technology and differentiated expertise in areas ranging from design to production. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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