Electronic Scales

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912M11] TMT Engineering Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is an electronic scale and balance specialist, dominating in market presence in the field of local digital scale engineering, including its related market based on its accumulated technical know-how.
TMT Engineering’s electronic scales have special functions. With just one unit, multiple and simultaneous networking are available, conveniently applicable to diverse industrial sites because the main body, controller, external display and printer are all synchronized with radio.
There is no restriction on space since a radio signal reaches within a 100m radius. Depending on the type of controller, data-saving, and radio transmission are available on some products. These functions are TMT’s specialized technologies.

Axle Load Scale (portable truck scale)
With the potable axle load scale of TMT Engineering, you can exactly measure the weight of a whole vehicle without restriction of the number of axles. The existing embedded- type products have certain restrictions in terms of installation cost and location.
But this portable-type axle load scale can be easily installed anywhere and used without restriction of location. Weighing in-motion is available, including weighing without motion.

Crane Scale
TMT Engineering’s crane scale provides you with an optional weighing solution, suitable for diverse industrial sites in application of a swivel hook with higher safety, solid design and high-end specification.
With the differentiated wireless network technology of the company mounted, wireless interlocking with the peripheral is also available.
Incorrect weighing due to visibility restriction can be prevented during work in higher locations, or for weighing large-sized cargo.


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