Water Hammer Protection System

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1912M13] Fully guaranteed systems for all pipelines and pumping systems against surge impact shall be required, featuring surge protection systems and non-slamming systems of check valve designed with ejector system on pipeline.
Especially, the non-slamming check valve has been designed based on a double closing system that can limit the reverse flow speed when the pump is tripped by a surge in the pumping station.
And the non-slamming system has two kinds of ejectors: the one shall be installed between the main pipeline and surge vessel; and another shall be installed between the pumps and the check valves. They will remove negative pressure and absorb high pressure and will give a time to slow closing of check valves to prevent slamming of check valves.
They shall decrease the impact from pressure fluctuation of the dynamic hydraulic conditions in pipeline and do not allow the slamming of check valves from surge, so the pipelines do not receive any stress from outside and then their lifecycle is longer. Provided for a site of a Middle Eastern country, the system has been approved as a highly technical system.

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