Cable Reels[INQ. NO. 1912M16] KOREEL, a leading manufacturer of industrial reels, has been exporting industrial reel products to more than 35 countries since January 2, 1991, and has a unique market share in the Korean market.
With its own manufacturing facilities and assembly lines, it is one-stop — from development to final production and quality control, making it easy to expand the market.
Recently, KOREEL’s brand has been used in the Bunker station market for oil or water use, and the special ship market such as FPSO, FSU, and LNG carriers. Cable reel market for aircraft power supply and AMP (Alternative Maritime Power) system supplying land power when the ship is docked at the port is increasing.
KOREEL’s products consist of air, water, oil, grease, high pressure, gas (Oxygen and LPG), exhaust hose reel depending on the fluid used and hydrauric reel, cable or sensor reel products. KOREEL’s hose and cable reel products raise work efficiency while it’s winding or unwinding to fit use and it also raise hose or cable durability.
KOREEL’s cable reels include types of spring, motor, inverter, induction motor, friction motor, torque motor driven. Function of cable reel where the power supply and control signal transfer, while the bogies and machinery move.
Application is power supply for horizontal and vertical movement of crane, vessel, oil tanker, drill ship, aircraft, AMP (Alternative Maritime Power) system and other moving vehicles. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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