Stand-type Vacuum Packer[INQ. NO. 2003M01] Gasung Pak’s vacuum sealer is a stand-type vacuum packer with an air compressor that operates the product by supplying power and air pressure. It is a portable product and the most popular high-quality model. This is applicable in a variety of industries such as IT.
As a best seller product, this has a most popular and competitive composition and specification. It is easy to use with most functions with a state-of-the art digital controller in Korea – sealing, vacuum (three modes), gas charging (four modes), and 25 preset memories.
This is easy to operate and rapid work (analog and digital controller selectable). The powder-coated frame or stainless-steel frame selectable. This has all-in-one structure with cover and frame -strong body and luxurious appearance. This is widely used from foods to electronic appliances and medicines. The high-quality parts are produced by well-known makers. Safety design is comprehensive enough to meet the standards of advanced countries
In 1999, Gasung Pak CO., Ltd. has successfully and fully localized the production of nozzle vacuum sealers and registered patents for the product in Korea and Japan and acquired CE certification as well. Having laid the foundation for the advance of the nozzle vacuum sealer overseas, the company has started to make inroads into the overseas markets in the second half of 2001 and focused on the promotion of its own image and products by exhibiting them to packing-related fairs. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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