Automatic Linear Scale[INQ. NO. 2003M03] Green Pack’s automatic linear scale is a product specialized in weighing and packing. This product adopts easy-to-clean design in feeding & weighing parts so cleaning is completed in less than five minutes
This ensures precise weighing accuracy due to the damping control method, which reduces product supply. This can minimize product damage by the vibrate feeding method. Stable weighing procedure is possible by a micro-computer control method. The installed memory bank enables to save various applications. The automatic memory set allows the scale back to operate normally by pressing ‘ON’ in 10 seconds after turning the power off when any problem occurs. The small footprint design is used for the linear scale.
Green Pack offers its customers a wide selection of affordable packaging machinery and provides value in the systems offered through robustness of construction and competitive pricing. Thus, the company can operate in better working environments in addition to making sure that their projects meet their desired goals.
Furthermore, its mission is to make its customers feel a part in preserving our nature and environment with its packaging machinery, which reduces energy usage and costs by increasing efficiency and minimizing waste. From unparalleled product-quality to on-time delivery and satisfied customer service, Green Pack is committed to excellence. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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