Semiconductor Equipment Solutions[INQ. NO. 2007M01] CSE Co., Ltd, which launched its business in 1999, has been professionally solely engaged in purchasing and selling various equipment used in the semiconductor industry – such as used equipment for front-end processes and back-end processes. CSE succeed in establishing a business platform through which trading can be conducted in used semiconductors– based upon global networks including Asia, Southeast Asia, the United States, the EU, etc.
CSE offers not only purchasing and selling of used semiconductor equipment, but also services regarding dealing, sourcing and logistics. Through its exclusive technology department, CSE provides clients with such various services as equipment tests, refurbishment and A/S.
The most important equipment deserving attention is equipment for back-end processing such as testers, probers and handlers, etc. Currently, CSE is expanding its business with high-value equipment through recent purchasing of the entire fab line of semiconductors.
Moreover, CSE is concentrating on the diversification of its business through devoting itself to launch online business – according to the changes in all sectors of society in a non-contact era including lifestyle, consumption, distribution – clearly affected by COVID-19. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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