Industrial & Submersible Pumps Irrigation, Marine, Oil & Gas Solutions

[INQ. NO. 2008M01] Established in 1993, Green Tech has its headquarters in Gumi, Korea.
It focuses on producing and supplying the most efficient and convenient pumps to its customers by applying advanced IoT technology and 3D design and analysis technology.
Green Tech, which targeted sales of 20 billion KRW in 2019, has been supplying OEM to large corporations and the Korean government. The company believes in moving beyond focusing on government offices and domestic operations because the domestic environment has been changing rapidly. It has thus aimed higher to become a ‘Hidden Champion’ in exports to fulfill the company’s vision.
So far, Green Tech has been exporting through large corporations with OEM, but it is now ready to export its products directly under the name of “Green Tech.”
New technology of Green Tech, underwater camera mounted pumps can monitor the temperature, and foreign material inside the pump on a real time basis.
Called “IOT” pumps, the state-of-the-art pump system can shut down pumps through various sensors that check before the pump breaks down or is damaged.
This is unique technology, and it received the European CE certification as well as patent recognitions in Korea, the USA, Canada and Europe.
This is the configuration of the most general products in the company.
Double suction volute pump ‘GDV’ with a maximum diameter of 1200mm and maximum flow rate of up to 200m3(cubic meter) per minute.
The process pump ‘GPA’, which is manufactured on the basis of a rugged design that meets the main requirements of the ANSI standard.
Single-suction volute pump ‘GPS’ which is produced based on optimal vibration and noise analysis design.
Vertical Mixed flow pump ‘GVM’ and Vertical Axial flow pump ‘GVA’ which are easy-to-use for water intake, drainage and circulation;
Vertical drain pump ‘GVO’ that is suitable for wastewater and sewage treatment.
Submersible mixed flow pump ‘GSM’ and Submersible axial flow pump ‘GSA’ are made with a maximum diameter of 2500mm and a maximum flow rate of up to 1000m3 (cubic meters) per minute.
Greentech is continuously researching and developing highly efficient and high-performance pumps, and is investing in R & D for smart pumps that meet the specific customer demands from each industry.
Through this progress, Green Tech plans to expand the global pump market share and create new markets. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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