Permanent Magnet Double Exciter Control Synchronous Generator[INQ. NO. 2008M13] Suntech Co., Ltd., has been concentrating on production and R&D of rotary equipment since 1996. It strives to satisfy customers with optimal performance and quality by combining development of the design and production technology of the industrial generator and the technological prowess accumulated over the past 20 years.
The permanent magnet double exciter control synchronous generator produced by Suntech is mainly used as a prime or standby generator by public institutions and it is a generator capable of high-efficiency power transfer that can provide the excitation electricity of the excitation rotor to the main rotor of the main generator unit directly by cable (Patent No. 10-1531932).
The double-structure exciting current control applying the permanent magnet improves the efficiency of the generator.
Durability against external factors is improved by separating the power line from the main output terminal. The electromagnetic force of the main field is generated by a permanent magnet to improve power-generation efficiency.
The main field output according to the fluctuating load is controlled by the exciter output to supply fast and stable voltage. By controlling the exciter output applying the permanent magnet through a cable, control stability and reliability are improved. High efficiency is maintained without a permanent magnet in the main rotor by optimization of a permanent magnet.

This generator is a prime/standby power source used independently for a long time, of which the electrical quality is clean. As its power loss is small due to high efficiency, this product offers great fuel savings. Therefore, it is applied to places requiring a lot of cost in power supply due to lack of electricity infrastructure, such as islands, refuges in the mountain, disaster areas, or new town construction sites to which the system of Korea Electric Power Corporation is not connected, or to the places operated on long-term basis for stable power supply, or to places that require temporary power backup.
By launching the product through R&D of the eco-friendly, high-efficiency generator for providing clean electricity to customers and saving energy in times of high oil prices, Suntech plans to advance into a first-class enterprise in the global market.
Suntech seeks to provide the best-quality products to customers with a mindset that customer satisfaction is its top priority. It is investing in development of unrivaled technology and equipment required for generator production and aims to become a value-creating enterprise with ceaseless change and innovation. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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