Total Oil Purifi cation System[INQ. NO. 2009M09] Total Solution Purifier, TOMs-F
TOMs-F(T/PE) is a total purifier that removes particles, water, acid, sludge and varnish by one unit. A condition monitoring system can also be included as optional. It is a dedicated purifier for turbine oil and EHC oil, consisting of a pre- and post-particle filter, membrane filter (turbine oil) / nitrogen purging (EHC oil) and ion-exchange resin filter.
Since the first product was launched in 2015, around 90 units are currently in operation at industrial sites in Korea and other countries like Indonesia, Mexico, and Uzbekistan. Its performance and quality have already been proven in the field by site engineers with a good reputation.
TOMs-F(T/PE) was awarded “Designation of Excellent Purchasing Product” by Government Procurement Agency in July 2020.

High-Performance Dehydration Purifier, Ex-Dri
Water is a critical contaminant to additives that directly affects the performance and lifespan of oil. Ex-Dri water purifier was applied with patented technology using air stripping by rotating disks and dry nitrogen purging. It consists of a pre-and post-particle filter, disk module and nitrogen purging for water removal. Due to no consumable components, users can save on maintenance costs. No heating is required during purification, so there need be no concerns about thermal degradation of oil.
Ex-Dri can be applied to high viscosity oil up to 460 cSt differently from existing centrifugal and vacuum type purifiers with max 220 cSt. Ex-Dri removes all three types of water (free, emulsified, soluble) together with solid particles, and removes water without depletion of additives, which is a critical weak point of existing vacuum type purifiers. Standard flow rate is 35 lpm and bigger capacity can also be customized upon request.
Ex-Dri was awarded the “2020 Innovative Products for Excellence R&D” by TIPA, a government agency, in July 2020, based on its proven technology and performance. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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