An Emerging Leader in Semiconductor Chip Inspection in 1999, CSE Co., Ltd. takes pride in its top-level technologies in the semiconductor chip inspection field

Would you please give a brief introduction about CSE?
[INQ. NO. 2009M21] CSE, established in August 1999, is a company specialized in servicing, modification and refurbishment of those used one in manual, semi-automatic, full automatic 6”, 8” and 12” Wafer, Probe, Tester and GSI Lumonics Laser Marking among semi-conductor test equipment.
As much as 60~70% of manufactured products are being exported. Currently new equipment is under development and these items will be extended to testers and handlers, and whole process equipment. Besides, we ae now operating a 500 pyeong (1,653 m2) warehouse.

Would you please tell us about the main line product briefly?
In particular, the wafer probe for mass production is being used in the process to determine pass or failure of electric character in an individual chip at the post process of the semi-conductor chip production, and X,Y,Z and Theta axe are operating 24 hours a day in fully automatic mode.

The semiconductor tester determines pass or failure of a chip through output test by supplying the required electric signal when testing the electric character of the individual chip. GSI Lumonics Laser Marking is an American device that makes ID marking with laser on the wafer.

Is there any other specific information to be delivered to potential overseas buyers?
We are pursuing product quality, creditability, and customer satisfaction based on the experience of more than 20 years. Especially, we have confidence in our strong points having secured a number of specialized engineers, which enables continuous A/S and refurbishment. Our goal is to become a total solution company for semiconductor equipment corresponding to the needs of customers.

Is there any other specific point related to market exploring situation at present?
Recently, we have launched a strategy to promote our products and to build clients via non face-to-face events by opening an online exhibition. We are expecting steady growth in sales volume overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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