Air Duster & Tools

[INQ. NO. 2010M13] Since 1994, KumKang Precision Co., Ltd. has produced its advanced air dusters and other tools to fulfill the most important value – Upgrading Clients’ Productivity and Safety.
KD series has been adapting “Engineering plastic” for 35 years. The KD body can be cut by a knife, or burned, but is really difficult to be broken – almost impossible by human power. Stainless nozzle and spring parts ensure no stained water from the compressed air. They are well-known for being light, non-stain, and with long lifespan and accuracy.

KSD series has outstanding design and the highest airflow to ensure the best productivity in users’ factories. The aluminum body and nozzle make its weight significantly light for its size, and also protect users’ machines and products from the misuse of the air dusters. KSD is designed to fit the total flow range of normal factories, so its fl ow-rate is really high and very effi cient for removing dust.
Moreover, KumKang Precision is also well-known as the inventor of the Korean-type air coupler – free rotation, antishock mechanism and double sealing. Although some competitors claim to be the makers of the Korean-type air coupler, the truth is that KumKang Precision is the inventor who holds the patents. All the parts of the couplers are made precisely and assembled by FA systems. The couplers are checked entirely with over-pressured compressed air–over 15 Kg/cm2. That is why users always have a good experience with its air dusters and couplers.

In addition, many customers have already experienced the benefi ts of the company’s bit technology through the bit drivers and bit sockets – perfect for screws, stress endurance and lifespan. And the company has expanded its range of items recently to the TORX and TORX Plus bits as well. These bits must have high hardness scale, such as HRC 60±1. The company produces these cutt ing-edge level bits tools. All the bits are tested to international size gauge and they have resultant resistance power of more than 800kg/mm2 till being broken-down. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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