Hydraulic Breakers


[INQ. NO. 2010M18] Established in 2004, Ace Hammer Co., Ltd. developed its brand in the local market, and soon its products were welcomed by overseas customers.
Despite its humble beginnings, when the company started to export its goods on an OEM basis, its reputation has slowly spread in the global market. Currently, Ace Hammer has enjoyable relationships with its valuable customers based on trust.
The company shares its interests with its customers, and it is ready to expand its business with new clients overseas.
Its vision is based on global performance in trust. And its strategies include optimized business structure, maximized competitiveness and reliable production system.

ACE Hydraulic Breaker

Ace Hammer manufactures various kinds of hydraulic breakers – top type, box (silenced) type, side type, backhoes loader type, and skid steer loaders type.
The company also provides standard accessories for hydraulic breakers and other att achments, such as crushers, shear beam cutt ers, quick coupler pullings / pushing types, demolition grapples, compactors, shear straight cutt ers, etc. These products are characterized by their great strength such as superior power & efficiency, reliability, extended durability, simple application, and easy maintenance.

As for superior power and efficiency, extended piston stroke power and positive alignment are some of the features along with maximized energy transfer to chisel efficiently. They come with long-life guarantees as the products are made with protected threads and multi-phase heat treatment. They are tested before shipment. Excavators are protected with excellent power to weight ratio, reduced vibration, unique suspension and minimized oil flow interruption.
They are manufactured with high-quality alloy steel for extended durability. Also, they come with precision welding breaker holder and wide diameter tool with dust protection lip shields debris. Simple valve design is for simple application and easy maintenance. Tool bushing is engineered for quick & easy replacement.

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