Various Grating Products

[INQ. NO. 2010M16] Since its establishment in 2001, Wonjae Industrial Co., Ltd. has been developing new technologies and products such as I-beam heavy duty gratings, style safety gratings and design gratings, starting with steel gratings through eco-friendly plating.

I-Beam Heavy Duty Grating

An I-beam position boosts the I-Beam Heavy Duty Grating’s durability and strength. The fastening structure of bolts and nuts significantly improves the efficiency of installation. It is loaded with anti-noise and anti-theft systems. It is actively applied to ports, military bases, roads, airports, industrial complexes and highways where heavy vehicles run through.

Style Safety Grating

The upper part of the Style Safety Grating is fl at and does not impede vehicles moving over it. The product also features an excellent drainage function. It is made to satisfy various conditions of stadiums, tourist attractions, parks, and, in particular, the BF standards of organizations for disabled people. Style Safety Grading plays an important role in schools, where it is widely used.

Non-Slip Design Grating

Non-Slip Design Grating was designed to mix well with the surroundings. Its non-slip feature helps people walk safely in parks, school and neighborhood facilities. This grating comes in various shapes such as straight lines, curves, and circles.
Wonjae Industrial has been making every effort, while diff erentiating itself from other companies under the slogan of Stronger, Safer and Smarter!
“We will continue to enhance R&D and marketing for competitive products in the overseas procurement market based on our good reputation in the Korean procurement market by way of the continuous training of employees and the expansion of our capacities,” the CEO explained. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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