Automobile Parts

Power Seat Switch
[INQ. NO. 2010M31] This power seat switch used for vehicles is a device for controlling car seats to meet drivers’ convenience specifi cations.
In 2005, DUCK IL INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. developed and localized materials and electronic circuits used for a core part of the micro switch based on its own technology, capturing a 95% share of the domestic automobile power seat switch market. Products of the company are installed in EVs made by Tesla, a renowned EV maker in the USA.

The company’s overhead console lamp is used to light up the inside of vehicles when gett ing in and out of them. It is equipped with functions to make SOS signals and control the sunroof.
The company’s room lamp and vanity lamp are switched on in the fi rst and second rows and are used to brighten the interiors of vehicles in the dark.
Based on the recent option, a Hi-Pass function can be added to the overhead console lamp so that a driver does not need to purchase an extra Hi-Pass terminal.

Interior Part
HVAC is a controller based on CAN communications technology used to operate air-conditioning systems and audio devices installed in a car.
The company’s dome lamp creates a sleek design on the front panel without mechanical buttons, making it easy to clean the surface and to control functions with the touch of a fingertip.
WPC 3-cole charger is equipped with 3cole, making it possible to wirelessly and rapidly charge a mobile phone with 15 watts. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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