Mechanical Vapor Recompression System

[INQ. NO. 2010M35] An SMVR is a facility system that produces drinking water by distilling raw water (sea water, river water, ground water, sewage and waste water) and makes sewage or waste water reusable, thus minimizing the amount of waste water.

Seawater Desalination
This is a future-oriented project to solve drinking water problems with the high-efficiency SMVR system. As the problem of water shortages grows due to urbanization, industrialization, and climate change around the world, technology for solving the drinking water problem is drawing a lot of attention. The SMVR is highly efficient equipment that excels at making seawater, river water, groundwater and other kinds of water clean and potable.

Home Sewage Purification
As water shortages become more serious due to urbanization, industrialization, and climate change, water reuse technology is garnering a lot of attention. Water recycling technology refers to the purification of waste water such as rainwater or domestic sewage that can be reused as water for living, industry, and rivers, among others.
DOOWON TEG takes care of the problem of fi nal sewage treatment plants by purifying sewage from households such as apartments and houses in downtown areas flow with the SMVR and letting it flow to streams in cities, storing the streams and minimizing water sent to final sewage treatment plants.

Industrial Wastewater Purification
Industrial water consumption is increasing due to industrialization, and the industrial waste water volume is also increased, which causes many unwelcome environmental problems such as treatment costs and groundwater pollution.
The company’s SMVR can eliminate environmental problems and solve shortages of industrial water by purifying industrial wastewater into industrial water through the SMVR. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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