Leisure Boat


[INQ. NO. 2010M41] MoonBoat is a crescent-shaped, twoseater (or three-seater) motor leisure boat equipped with IoT technologies.
The specifications of MoonBoat are as follows: 3,763mm in length; 2,995mm in height; 1,849mm in width; and 365kg in weight, with a load of 240kg or a maximum load of 350kg. As for materials, FRP and SUS304 (stainless steel) are used. Equipped with 24V 60Ah batteries, it is possible to operate the boat for three and a half hours with just one battery.
Through smartphone Bluetooth connections, passengers are able to listen to music. Thanks to RGB 256 LED lights installed around the hull, 16.58 million types of colors can be selected.

In addition, the boat is controlled through a joystick to move in every direction and rotate a full 360 degrees. It is also equipped with two dedicated BLDC motors. By improving and upgrading existing technologies and carrying out R&D, GlobalKorea Co., Ltd. is planning to further develop various technologies.
As an assembled boat, the upper part can be detached from the lower part. While keeping the lower part (buoyant body) as it is, GlobalKorea can make customized designs for the upper part only. The assembling process is simple, stable and firm.

Furthermore, as the upper part is able to be detached from the lower body, it is easy to carry the boat. GlobalKorea has registered a patent for an assembled boat, and registered design rights in 39 nations around the world.

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