Automatic Rhinestone Setting Machine

For bling apparel, fashion and various Industry

Top-notch in quality and Performance
[INQ. NO. 2011M15] Automatic Rhinestone setting machine is suitable for apparel and fashion industry.
This is optimal auxiliary machinery related to the apparel industry to reduce labor costs and improve productivity, and boasts the world’s fastest setting machine speed (600 strokes per minute) and the best technology.
This product has been developed with mass-production possibility by improving the existing vacuum rotation style business, and by establishing global competitiveness through noise-problem improvement and cost-savings in order to secure the first independent technology and technical competitiveness.

Equipped with a stone feeder, one of the core parts, as well as the world’s fastest automatic setting speed, it can create additional values to various products, through which it can provide various designs and colors (six colors) processes required by a wide range of customers for additional value creation.
Also, it can manufacture samples according to a customer’s request instantly at the site; and it is convenient and useful to handle large orders from clients, thus inducing sustained interest and purchases from clients worldwide.

Design and rhinestone setting are possible according to the customer’s preference, by connecting a USB where self-developed design programs are contained in a port fitted to this automatic setting machine, and selecting a design required by the customer.
That is, once the operator selects the decoration and design the customer wants on the control panel, it can set the rhinestone in the selected shapes automatically.
This simple method of use that executes a command just with one click of a button allows anybody to use it easily and conveniently.
The superiority and the quality of the product have been proved already in global markets, now there are many love calls from many countries throughout the world. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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