Radiator for Engine & Generator Cooling


[INQ. NO. 2011M12] Radiators used to cool down generators are mainly divided into two types: high-speed radiators that are directly installed in generators; and gas & middle-speed radiators that are separately installed and operated from generators.
Technically speaking, radiators are used to cool down engines assembled into generators. Therefore, all engines need radiators as coolers which are applied to vehicles, excavators and forklifts as well.
Not just radiators, but oil coolers and intercoolers are also applied to excavators and forklifts that are used for construction. Aluminum is mainly used as their material. And, they are categorized into two: fin/tube types; and high-pressure and durable bar types.

Radiators used for generators are mostly made out of copper, brass and aluminum and could be designed and manufactured as long as cooling data and site conditions of engines are available. Daeheung Radiator Co., Ltd. is capable of designing and producing radiators for high-speed engines (Doosan, Caterpiller, Cummins, MTU, etc.).
Daeheung Radiator is also producing and supplying customized radiators for middle & low-speed engines (Wartsila, MAN, Himsen, etc.) and gas & middle-speed radiators to cool down all types of engines (diesel and gas engines) used for power plants.

Daeheung Radiator is able to supply low-noise types of gas & middle-speed radiators by controlling the temperature and motor velocity. Daeheung Radiator is also improving the durability of our products used in briny coastal areas through anticorrosion coatings.
Daeheung Radiator has installed and is operating radiators ranging from some kilowatts to over 100 megawatts in terms of the capacity. They could be used to replace cooling towers that have negative effects on the environment.
Furthermore, they could be applied as secondary coolers for generators, heat exchangers and gas & middle-speed radiator systems as well.
The company has recently developed and provided air coolers not only for generator engines, but also for hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen compressors.
In addition, Daeheung Radiator is also manufacturing and providing water-cooled heat exchangers by exchanging heats by and between two types of fluids: high-temperature liquid and low-temperature liquid.

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