Refrigerating & Air-conditioning Equipment

[INQ. NO. 2011M24] Since its establishment in 1989, Weltem Co., Ltd. has made every endeavor to enhance the competitiveness of the refrigerating and air-conditioning equipment sector based on technology and know-how accumulated over the past 32 years, and to secure a domestic and international competitive edge through continuous technology development.

Portable Air-conditioner(ICEN)
Weltem’s flagship product is the portable air-conditioner. Its most remarkable feature is its ease of moving and installing, and focused air-conditioning in a limited space. In the event of a need for focused air-conditioning in an open and wide environment such as industrial settings, restaurant kitchen, etc., its product is more effective than the existing whole cooling-type air-conditioner.

With the built-in digital self-diagnosing function, you can check any abnormality easily. This product is an integrated air-conditioner of which the indoor equipment and the outdoor equipment is composed in one unit. In settings where air-conditioner access is difficult, you can use the air-conditioner by extending the blowing duct. This product is manufactured with an exquisite ergonomic design.
This product is used in textile factories, food factories, metal processing factories, restaurant kitchens, laundry factories, castings plants, injection factories, boiler rooms, heat treatment factories, indoor golf centers, auto repair factories, shipbuilding heavy industries, processed food drying rooms, computer server rooms, etc.

Panel Air-conditioner(COOLZEN)
Panel air conditioner controls malfunction of production facilities, shortening of machine’s life, failure of the products, etc. that are caused by the high heat of the high-performance control equipment due to the automatic and precise control of the production facilities, thereby helping to extend the machine’s life and preventing damage to the machine with the dehumidifying effect.

As the display shows the high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, alarm of the compressor error, and whether the door of the control panel is open, you can cope with any abnormality quickly.
And as it is equipped with the digital temperature controller, you can check the operation status at a glance. The condensed water evaporator is provided as an option and if installed, it controls the PTC heating element with the water level sensor applying the PTC heating element. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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