Hand Saws


[INQ. NO. 2011M27] JERIM METAL Co. is a manufacturer and exporter of various kinds of hand saws. It has been 27 years since it started exporting its hand saws.
Based on its accumulated know-how, it currently exports to countries like the USA, Italy, the UK, Canada, and Spain.
Its main products include fold-away pruning saws, straight pruning saws, curved saws and pole tree saws. As for the fold-away pruning saws, especially, the company has the most varied kinds of models.
In addition, the company has come up with enough saw handle designs to satisfy the diverse requirements of the international market through continuous research and development.
Such a series of R&D efforts enabled the company to be designated as a model venture business in 1998. This kind of achievements has given the company a competitive edge in the international market, which demands diverse designs as well as good quality and prices.

Three Types of Hand Saws Used as Garden Tools and for Agricultural Saw
The blade of the fold-away saw can be folded into the handle and unfolded out of it with ease. It is very efficient for pruning small branches and twigs, and the compact size offers high portability since it can be easily put into a pocket.
The handle has various designs and colors, which offers convenience and safety, not to mention their beautiful appearance. It is designed to relieve hand fatigue to a maximum degree when used for a long time. The dual safety mechanism will prevent possible hazards (JR905 and JR2905 series).
The blade of the straight pruning saw is made in a straight line with the handle. Unlike the fold-away pruning saw, the straight pruning saw can cut thick branches without difficulty. It is easy to keep in any place thanks to its case protecting the blade.
The case enables you to store the saw or even carry it by your side easily. There are various kinds of handles for the saw and each handle is equipped with a case for its own sake.

The curved saw is perfect for pruning live branches. Unlike the straight pruning saw, its blade is not straight, but a little curved and can be conveniently used to cut a tree without applying a lot of force.
There are two types of curved saws – foldaway type, straight type, and telescopic pole saw. Like the straight pruning saw, however, they are available in a wide variety of kinds.

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