Bio-food Extinguisher

[INQ. NO. 2012M08] Bio-food extinguisher, where food waste and all the moisture disappear in the air without any trace, the first in the world and unique food extinguisher using a low/normal temperature method without additional heating.
Mimicry Co.,Ltd. gained customers’ wide recognition of this product after about five years of sales for home and restaurant use through on-line shopping malls of big business groups as the unique functionality in the world that solved environmental and hygiene problems 100% with nothing to release.

The company started exporting to France, Switzerland, and Austria upon obtaining the Europe CE approval and then received the Grand Prize at the 2020 G-Fair Korea of the 23rd best product exhibition.
The purpose of the company’s technology development is to pass down to future generations the beautiful environment, treasuring clean rivers and seas.
For home usage, its maintenance expenses are less than KRW 700 won (US$ 0.60) per month without heating at all at the normal frequency of mixing food; and the annual replacement cost of its bio-chip is about from KRW 2,000 ~ 3,000 won (US$ 1.80 ~2.50).
Continuous use without releasing any food waste produced at home with this small amount of expense gives us confidence that it can be a breakthrough invention equal to a food disposal revolution that will solve perfectly all the problems caused by food waste.

For restaurant usage, starting with exporting to the European market and now expanding in the domestic market, it shall be the key to gradually solving all the problems of bad odors, hygiene, and the environment, caused by increasing quantities of food waste.
Mimicry has been focused on microorganisms and developing applied technologies. As a result, the company was able to achieve a groundbreaking invention in the area of bio-industry that come close to the 4th Industrial Revolution.
The patents used for the technology are: No. 10-14775945, No. 10-0611530 and No. 176991, and the technology is the only one that currently exists as a result of the company devoting itself to research and development for almost 40 years.

Receiving requests for technology partnerships from many buyers, Mimicry is currently looking forward to achieving global expansion in the near future. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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