Fire Retardant Aluminum Composite Panel

Alcopanel FR

[INQ. NO. 2012M11] Since its founding in 1990, Alcopanel Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to creating products of the highest quality using the latest technology and strict quality control.
ALCOPANEL is a leading manufacturer specialized in Alcopanel, an aluminum composite panel. Its goal is to enhance the beauty of cities in the world and give satisfaction to its customers.
Alcopanel FR compounds are based on polyolefin and flame retardant materials that do not generate toxic gases, especially halogen gases, and have excellent low smoke properties.

Alcopanel FR compounds offer an optimized balance between mechanical and flame retardant properties.
Alcopanel FR is an aluminum composite panel consisting of two aluminum sheets and mineral infilled core.
Alcopanel FR achieved a high degree of sheet flatness control and its top surface is roller coated with the proven PVDF paint or fluorocarbon (Kynar 500) finish. Its underside aluminum sheet is also protected by a transparent layer of protective coating.
The construction of Alcopanel FR is extremely rigid and yet versatile enough to be formed into many shapes to suit architects’ and designers’ requirements.
Alcopanel can be easily cut, bent, curved and shaped with ordinary metal or wood machines. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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