Fuel Gas Supply System


[INQ. NO. 2011M23] DongHwa Entec is a leading company for shipbuilding and marine heat-exchanger equipment, and the company places the highest priority on meeting customer demand and satisfaction.
DongHwa Entec provides all types of heat exchangers required for the handling of a ship’s cargo and a ship’s navigation system, and various forms of heat exchangers such as S&T, plate, and fin type, and a variety of heat exchangers for diverse purposes including air coolers, plate coolers, and oil coolers.
DongHwa Entec has the best technological capabilities in the world for cryogenic heat exchangers specializing in cryogenic services used for LNG carriers, gas-propelled ships, and FSRUs. In addition to all of this, we are expanding our business into system engineering products including a BOG re-liquefaction system (DH-reli) and fuel gas supply system (DH–FGSS).
The fuel gas supply system (DH-FGSS) is a gas-propelled ship’s fuel-supply system. It is a system that makes LNG and BOG within the ship’s tank into a proper engine fuel supply.
The fuel gas supply-system consists of an LNG fuel tank, an LNG pumping system, a BOG compressing system, an LNG heating system, a BOG heating (cooling) system, a heating medium circulation system, a bunkering system, and a venting system. It supplies the system through system engineering that is optimized for project characteristics including small and large ships, high pressure and low-pressure engines.
DongHwa Entec provides a one-stop heat-exchanger service that is essential for heat collections and rotating equipment (turbine and compressor) in power generation and petrochemical plants ranging from the design, manufacture, and delivery to the follow up management.

A Global Leader in Cryogenic Heat Exchanger & System Engineering
DongHwa Entec, founded in 1980, supplies the best products in the heat-exchanger field to ships, starting with the repair of heat exchangers for ships. DongHwa Entec has established itself as a heat-exchange manufacturer in the power generation and plant industries as well. DongHwa Entec is entering various industrial fields including heat exchangers for cryogenic fluid’s liquefaction (LNG) and vaporization.
DongHwa Entec provides a wide range of energy-saving systems such as energy-saving systems that increase energy-saving efficiency of ship engines, LNG/LPG vaporizers, and HP vaporizers for FSRU, re-liquefaction heat-exchangers and FGSS (Fuel Gas Supply System) for BOG liquefaction, and MGO (Marine Gas Oil) cooling units.
Plant products are surface condensers, ejector condensers, gland condensers, inter/after coolers, air fan coolers, turbine cooling air coolers, and fuel gas heaters.
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