Independent Power-generation Vehicle & Electric-vehicle

[INQ. NO. 2012M22] Total Emission Solution Korea Co., Ltd. (TESK) developed Power Take-Off (PTO) for automatic transmission and applies various application technologies to PTO to manufacture special purpose vehicles. TESK manufactures and supplies an independent power generation system by working together with SsangYong Motor.
TESK developed an independent power generation vehicle by installing a power generator to SsangYong Motor’s REXTON SPORTS/KHAN pick-up truck, which made it safer and more convenient for consumers to use electricity than they would with a portable or the ordinary power generator.
Previously, if someone wanted a power generator that could supply 40 ~ 50kW of electricity, a power generator so large would need to be used that it had to be transported by a truck that can carry up to 2.5 tons of load. The independent power-generation vehicle of TESK comes in the form of a pick-up truck that can carry up to five passengers, which can move quickly to different locations.

It is highly efficient because it can generate 40kW of electricity while making a level of noise equivalent to that of the vehicle’s engine. It can be used as a pick-up truck during an ordinary day and as a power-generation vehicle during an emergency, to operate a water lift pump to supply or drain water or power a welding machine.
Accordingly, the product was supplied for a pilot operation to the facility maintenance crews of Korean mobile telecommunication companies that are in charge of maintaining the antennas, and the users have evaluated the product to be exceptionally useful and cost-effective.
It can be used to provide various services, such as charging, emergency dispatch, simple repair, towing, etc., for electric vehicles, as the electronic controller has been improved, and more stable power generation became possible. Because it can generate power independently, it can supply an unlimited amount of electricity and charge two vehicles at the same time.
Other electric vehicle charging service vehicles charge the electric vehicles using the B2B (battery-to-battery) method, which limited the amount of charge to 30kW per charge, or to an amount that allows the charged vehicle to travel for 30 minutes.
However, the independent power generation vehicle of Total Emission Solution Korea can travel a long distance to charge the electric vehicle, because it can generate power independently using ESS & PTO. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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