Thermal Fogger & Drone Fogger

Winner of the $ 1 Milliion Export Tower
[INQ. NO. 2101M12] IZ-Fog is a company that manufactures and exports disinfection machines such as smoking & fogging machines, sprayers, ULV (ultra-low volume) sprayers, etc., aiming to lead the world.
IZ-Fog, with decades of accumulated experience and technology, produces disinfection machines for various purposes for portables, vehicles, motorcycles, drones, etc.
Through ceaseless R&D, IZ-Fog is developing every year, having been playing a key role in Korea’s disinfection machinery industry. IZ-Fog, now rising as a global leader, exports its products to more than 30 countries including those in Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia and the Middle East, and is responsible for enhancing national health.

Thermal Fogger & Drone Fogger

IZ-100 is a compact smoking & fogging machine for disinfection and sterilization that removes harmful pests such as flies, mosquitoes and ticks, and viruses and infectious diseases such as dengue fever, bird flu, and MERS. This product is simple to use and easy to carry. The specifications of this product are 900x290x190mm, chemical tank capacity is 3L, fuel tank capacity is 0.75L, weight is 6.5kg, output is 18kw/24.5hp/16,500Kcal/H, and spray particles are 5~30 micron.

Thermal Fogger & Drone Fogger

IZ-33, a cold fogger, is an ULV (ultra-low volume) electric sprayer that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The weight is 5kg, the chemical tank capacity is 7L, the spraying volume is 60L / H and the spraying distance is 10~12m. This is a product good for disinfecting in factories, schools, apartments and public places.

Thermal Fogger & Drone Fogger

Sky-eagle is a smoking & fogging drone that can work safely and conveniently even in difficult-to-reach forests, river marshes, orchards, barns, and farms. Its flight time is 10 minutes and its weight is 20.3 kg. It is possible to remotely control operation of the medicinal spraying and fogger. With the powerful air-cooled spraying force and the downwind caused by the drone, the target point on the ground can be completely disinfected.
With the capacity of disinfecting the area of more than 5,000 pyeong (=16,500m2) within 8 minutes, Sky-eagle is an innovative product that can save labor and enhance work efficiency. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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