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[INQ. NO. 2102M12] ULVAC KOREA, Ltd., based on the vacuum technology accumulated over the past several decades, is spreading its wings, mainly into the charging infrastructure business, together with the first electric taxi supply project in Seoul and Daegu in 2015 and the Jeju Smart Grid National policy Project in 2010.
ULVAC KOREA is now supplying chargers to various customers such as those EV purchasers, public housing facilities, public organizations, and almost all kinds of facilities – having devoted itself to winning its customers’ trust, and to investment in a future that everybody dreams about with advanced technology, safe products, and services.

The first Korean dual cable 7kW charger (UK-NC7W-TCE)
This charger has a futuristic slim design. It was chosen as a Good Product Design by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE). Its customer-oriented, convenient interface is an attractive selling-point in drawing customers’ attention. This is a product that has already acquired KC, European EV/ZE Ready Certification. It also corresponds to a network system.
The charging cable is available for all kinds of EVs in the domestic market. This product comes in two versions – a wall-mounted type and a pedestal type. The standard of charging system is IEC 61851. The waterproof rating is IP44.
The pedestal type is 312 (W) X303 (D) X1,500 (H) in size, weighing 21kg. The wall-mounted type is 312 (W)X511 (D) X175 (H), weighing 11kg.

The first Korean dual cable 7kW charger (UK-NC7W-TCE)

A 100kW Charger adopting the domestic standard (UK-QC100ST)
This charger is available for on-the-spot payment with non-membership credit cards. An intuitive UI configuration is applied. The LED color changes depending on the charging status.
The energy-balancing function is added to the charged quantities when charging two vehicles simultaneously. The real-time check is available for status information through its app.
This is a KC-certified product. For charging, this utilizes two cables – CCS1 and CCS2. The pedestal type of this is 1,000 (W) X700 (D)X1,790 (H) in size, weighing 200kg.

A 100kW Charger adopting the domestic standard (UK-QC100ST)

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