Eco-friendly Mixers

[INQ. NO. 2103M03] DADA Corporation has been focusing on faucet production for the past 55 years to realize its dream of using water systems that are the most convenient and especially how to optimize connections for water.
Most of the company’s faucets have unique designs with modern emotion and dynamic feeling and hide details to the value of actual function, which reflect well what customers want to get.
Smooth lines, perfect surface quality, defined feeling, comfortable and cozy reflect its faucets’ general features, and in pursuit of current fashion, the company is always trying to grasp the latest trends. Best of the best and most eco-friendly are its most outstanding points.


By using the best raw materials and components with a combination of fully automated production system, rust problems on the surface of the faucet body are completely resolved and extended lifetime. In particular, its advanced automatic plating system will bring customers satisfaction, because coating thickness is very stable and thicker than international standards.
Having passed tough quality tests through 500,000 cycle test, 6 kg air pressure test, heat cycle test, salt spray test, etc., DADA’s mixers have a more stable and stronger structure than those of its competitors.
DADA is playing an important role as a leader in eco-friendly faucets through continuous efforts, and its faucets are reputed as the most pure and natural among many customers.


DADA produces many kinds of eco-friendly mixers that can reduce water consumption effectively, like its 3-step mixers that feature a special cartridge, sensor type mixer, touch- type mixer, and shower head using air-mixing technology.
In the area of general faucets, DADA is producing bath mixers, shower mixers, sink mixers, basin mixers, spray gun faucets, concealed mixers, rain showers, thermostat showers. The company also produces various kinds of bathroom accessories – including sliding bars, flush valves, and traps.
And in the area of color coated faucets, the company is producing mainly chrome plating, PVD coated faucets in colors of gold, dark gray, rose gold, etc., depending on order quantity, and it can supply any colored faucets required by the customer
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