Custom-built Special Containers

[INQ. NO. 2103M08] Ace Engineering Co., Ltd. is a turnkey solution provider of diverse containerized solutions.
Beyond container manufacturing, Ace Engineering is leading the global market as a turnkey solution provider that provides a one-stop total service for all processes ranging from design, to electricity, air conditioning and firefighting equipment.
Established as the first specialized container manufacturer in Korea, with more than 30 years of research and development, Ace Engineering has been manufacturing custom-built special containers to numerous industry sectors such as energy, cold chain, offshore, aerospace, electric, and the military.
Ace Engineering is the largest ESS manufacturer in Korea. Maintaining high customer satisfaction, it continues to supply its flagship product, ESS containers, to leading domestic companies such as Samsung SDI, LG Chem, Hyosung, and SK D&D and to overseas companies such as ABB, Burns & McDonnell, AES, Siemens, and Duke Energy, etc.

Custom-built Special Containers

Ace Engineering is currently engaged in manufacturing various types of advanced products, mainly for containers.
The company’s ultra-freezer is able to transport and store cargos to -60C. Presently, it is developing upgraded product to preserve -75C. This product is used for special medical products, high grade groceries such as tuna.
For ESS (Energy Storage Solutions), Ace Engineering is showing its excellency in manufacturing of lithium ion and flow batteries storages for renewable energy, enhancing electricity quality with frequency regulations usage. The company is holding an accumulated reference of around 4GWh worth projects.
For securing lives and property from major rifles and bombs, Ace Engineering is producing bullet- and explosion-proof containers. Aerospace containers are also where the company shows specialty, which provides special containers to transport aircraft components, satellites, etc.

Custom-built Special Containers

Ace Engineering has reference with AIRBUS A320 / A350 wing panels. The offshore containers from the company are used in offshore drilling platforms to meet DNV2.7.1 requirements. Ace Engineering is the first Asian company to be certified by DNV-GL.
Moreover, Ace Engineering holds a total of 18 domestic and overseas certifications and patents, and is determined to develop and research containers that meet UL, IEC and NFPA regulations for safe ESS production. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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