Air Tackers (JITOOL)

[INQ. NO. 2104M01] Jeil Tacker., Co., Ltd. has been professionally manufacturing and providing air tackers for over 35 years. Air tackers are equipment that shoots things such as nails, staplers, etc., by using compressed air in air compressors.
The air tackers manufactured by the company are mainly used in construction sites, interiors, furniture factories, pallet factories, etc. Those products manufactured based on technologies and techniques accumulated over many years are now being exported to more than 24 nations.
Jeil Tacker delivers more differentiated products to its clients than its competitors through its own R&D personnel equipped with long years of experience, and strives to delicately reflect clients’ needs, and thus to satisfy them fully.

Air Tackers (JITOOL)

Jeil Tacker has also recently released new automatic upholstery air staplers – S71,
16-22 ALM, S80, and 16-20 ALM. These models have an easy firing system from single fire to auto fire. The auto fire rate can be adjusted from 0 to 27 staplers. Those feature same hand magazine pinky release.
Even though there are many competitors, the company’s firing system is differentiated from its competitors’ tools.

Air Tackers (JITOOL)

The company’s president explained, “Jeil Tacker is currently focusing on the battery mechanism system of nail guns. We believe that some previous mechanisms will be replaced with the battery system. Now we are searching and developing this system to meet customer demands. Everything we carry out now is with a view to the future. We proudly think that all our devoted efforts will ultimately add value to your business. So, don’t hesitate to become one of our partners.”

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