Sliding Guardrail [ABSORAIL]

[INQ. NO. 2105M01] KUKJE ST Co.,Ltd. is a technical innovation company that manufactures and supplies road safety facilities such as guardrail, railing, vehicle protection fences for bridges and footbridges, and has been recognized globally beyond Korea.
The company’s quality management system has acquired ISO 9001 certification and is being reviewed for European certification CE.
The company has been designated as one of the promising SMEs for export in Korea and has maintained its reputation.
Guardrails manufactured by this company are famous for providing the best safety solutions for expressways.

Sliding Guardrail [ABSORAIL]

PosMAC, high corrosion-resisting alloy-plated steel sheet produced by POSCO, offers 5~10 times better corrosion-resistance compared to existing hot dip galvanized steel sheet, and is utilized for the material used in all guardrails.
KUKJE ST introduced the ‘open type guardrail’ that makes up for the weakness of existing products, W-beam and Thrie-beam guardrails.
This new product includes the strength of existing products and allows easy installation even on roads with narrow radius of curve. Also, it provides superior effectiveness where there is melting snow in freezing areas.

Sliding Guardrail [ABSORAIL]

Moreover, it helps reduce driver fatigue during road driving by giving a sense of openness.
In addition to such advantages, KUKJE ST’s open-type guardrail, ‘ABSORAIL’, uses a special block-out system [patented product] instead of fastening posts and rails through bolt penetration.

Sliding Guardrail [ABSORAIL]

This makes the rail slide at the moment of a vehicle crash and absorbs the crash energy to protect the passengers’ safety. This is the world’s first open-type guardrail, and is under review for European CE certification.
KUKJE ST is manufacturing its various products based on over 100 registered intellectual properties, and safety is considered the highest priority for all the products including guardrails.

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