Double-Layered Waterproof Lining Panel (STS+LDPE)

[INQ. NO. 2105M06] BOKJU CO., LTD. has committed itself as a leading company in the water industry to seeking solutions for supplying clean and healthy water safely.
BOKJU has acquired various international certifications and has gained recognition for its technical skills and quality by developing an SPEP panel made of a new material, where the PE sheet is stuck and coated onto a stainless steel plate.
BOKJU’s SPEP panel waterproof lining, overcoming the disadvantages of the existing type, is constructed according to the non-adhesive type lining patent method where a silicone pad is attached to the wall of a new or ageing water reservoir so that the type of structure and its waterproofing effects can be improved.
BOKJU’s SPEP panel non-adhesive type waterproof lining features overlapping waterproofing effect, simple and inexpensive maintenance, and blocking of harmful substances detrimental to the human body. It has excellent hygiene, and another advantage is its semi-permanent lifespan.

Double-Layered Waterproof Lining Panel (STS+LDPE)

In addition, the connection part where SPEP panels face each other, ensures perfect water tightness by sealing it through the use of a PE fusion band.
Since the water stored after installation comes into contacts only with the LDPE material, it perfectly protects the water-quality environment by blocking the generation of rusty corrosion fundamentally due to chlorine.
After undergoing the process of delicate finishing treatment, a spark test is finally conducted. Perfect work is processed to the end by identifying any parts with welding defects that cannot be checked by the naked eye through a systematic and scientific test process.
The SPEP panel non-adhesive type waterproof lining of the silicone pad, featuring semi-permanent lifespan with the overlapped-adhesion installation, has advantages such as effective economic feasibility and efficient maintenance.
BOKJU has taken the initiative in developing waterproofing materials for storing safe tap water, and has played a leading role in improving water quality of water reservoirs, while securing the excellence and reliability of its products.

Double-Layered Waterproof Lining Panel (STS+LDPE) | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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