Hydraulic Attachments


[INQ. NO. 2105M10] IK International Corporation specializes in manufacturing a varied range of hydraulic attachments to be mounted on any kind of excavators. IK International’s main products include crushers, (demolition) shears, pulverizers and vibro hammers (pile drivers).
IK International also offers a total solution for Korean heavy equipment as customized service since it is the leading company with its own global marketing capabilities combined with engineering services.

Vibro Hammer
(Pile Driver)

Vibro hammer is a kind of hydraulic attachment used to drive piles (poles) into soil to provide foundation support for buildings or other structures. Low maintenance costs are possible compared to cranes. Superior mobility is available for narrow spaces. Using excavator oil, it requires no extra power source. It rotates 360 degrees and the proven high-quality rubber absorbs vibration. The special bearings can endure high-speed rotation.

Hydraulic Attachments

Multi Crushers
Multi crushers are hydraulic attachments designed to reduce large rocks into smaller rocks, gravel, or rock dust. They are fitted to an excavator for demolition work in the field of construction or reconstruction. Top-class crushing power has been applied to the crusher and the company proved its power by exporting a number of units. To improve lifetime, Hardox Steel has been used for parts of the main body and jaw. Operating efficiency has been upgraded by simple jaw change for steel cutting and secondary demolition. One pin type is available.

Hydraulic Attachments

Pulverizers are a kind of hydraulic attachment commonly used in demolition work to break up large pieces of concrete. It is called a second crusher since it is used for making smaller pieces after using a crusher. Durability has been extended by using Hardox steel plate for major abrasion areas. A protective cover is fitted to protect the cylinder from possible damage during operation.
IK International has been exporting for more than 15 years worldwide, and it has provided not only its own brand but also OEM contracts (with many reputable companies, attachments brands in Korea, overseas suppliers, etc.).
Through know-how and experience in the field of construction and the mining industry, its products already have been proven as quality products.

Hydraulic Attachments

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