Bronze Casting Materials and Parts

[INQ. NO. 2106M02] GABSAN METAL Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in parts and materials. The company has been manufacturing nonferrous cast products for 30 years since 1990. The company manufactures copper special alloy products, such as Cu, Pbc, Bsc, Bc, Albc, and Hbsc.
The materials and parts manufactured by GABSAN METAL are used for the parts that function as bearings in the rubbing parts of steel manufacturing facilities, industrial machines (hydraulic press, forge press, extruders, catapults, shearing machine, cutters, lathes, milling machine, boat winches), ships, pot bearing for railway bridge seats, mold material, heat exchanger plates, hydraulic cylinder parts, etc.

Oilless bearings
Bearings are parts that support the shaft and reduce friction by being installed on the rotational and linear sliding parts of industrial machinery.
By pressing solid lubricant into the metal base material to supply lubricant to the friction surface, fine particles of the solid lubricant and the lubricant contained in the solid lubricant form a lubricating film during frictional motion.
Bearings that perform self-lubricating function even in a non-lubricating state are called oilless bearings.

Bronze Casting Materials and Parts

Worm gear
The worm gear is the main part of the reduction gear that transmits power by lowering the rotational speed between the two shafts.
Used for various purposes such as traction machines for elevators, general industrial reducers, and worm gears in actuators

Bronze Casting Materials and Parts

The bush (metal bearing) is mounted on the rotating part of industrial machinery to help supply lubricant.
A metal bearing that absorbs frictional heat generated by machine rotation, helps smooth frictional motion, prevents wear of parts, and helps precise machine operation.

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