Water-soluble Antirust Coating Agent


[INQ. NO. 2106M10] GEOPERT is a water-soluble anti-rust silver coating agent and high corrosion resistance rust inhibitor that can prevent red rust for 1,500 hours or longer in salt spray test (SST) despite the 5-8µm of film thickness.
Since this product is water-soluble, there is no fire risk, and little or no VOC, so the work environment is pleasant. It is an innovative product with superior productivity, especially, because it has low viscosity.
Moreover, it solves some issues that are problematic in existing products from other companies, such as adherence between products, liquid pooling trouble in +Screw or wrench bolt, and shows very small defect rate.
Differentiated from oily products of other companies, BLACKPERT is a water-soluble liquid type 1 coating agent, and does not cause adherence between products or liquid pooling with lower viscosity compared to other products.
In particular, customer satisfaction is high with a very beautiful coating surface as this product has glossy, semi-matt and matt types and can implement various black colors.

Water-soluble Antirust Coating Agent

TORCA is a colorless, odorless, soluble friction coefficient conditioning agent (torque coefficient control), and this soluble coating agent can be applied to fastener components to deliver the friction (torque) coefficient the customer wants. In particular, one of the advantages of this product is that it does not affect the base coating color, different from regular products of other companies.
Established in 2002, Zincotec Co., Ltd. manufactures water-soluble antirust coatings under the brand names GEOPERT, BLACKPERT that are zinc flake coating chemicals.

Water-soluble Antirust Coating Agent

In partnership with Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, etc., the company exports patented products developed by pure domestic technology to China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, and other countries. In addition, Zincotec has been designated as a promising small and medium export enterprise.

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