Hospital Beds

[INQ. NO. 2106M12] Kareroom Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has successfully established its specialized manufacturing system. Since December 2020, it has been mass-producing and supplying hospital beds with top specifications – ICU Bed for intensive care units, and PRIZO 1 and PRIZO 2 models.
Added to its existing product line-up, Kareroom began the production of Fursys’s products with top specifications, and now successfully stands at the forefront of Korea’s medical bed industry in terms of technology and production size. The company has upgraded the PRIZO series acquired from Fursys, and has launched the smart bed PRINOVA series that will become key to targeting the market.
It is a product that encompasses the top technology of Kareroom, enabling easy use not only by patients but also their guardians, nurses, and doctors.
Amid the rapid developments in the medical service environment, many changes are taking place to provide a patient-centered pleasant hospital environment and medical services by forging partnerships with hotel service providers.
In line with such changes, hospital beds are also transforming into a space of comfort where patients can feel a sense of psychological stability rather than being just a simple means for treatment.
At the center of such change is PRINOVA. Inspired by botanical species that give a feeling of abundance, PRINOVA is designed by highlighting the softness of flexible curves by eliminating stiffness, and considering the psychological comfort and stability of the patients.
In addition, it also took into consideration harmony with the medical devices situated around the hospital bed as well as the interior design of hospital rooms to make the entire space cozy and comfortable for patients.

Hospital Beds

Hospital Beds Transformed into a Comfortable Space, Going Beyond Simple Treatment Devices — PRINOVA, Highlighting Softness of Flexible Curves, Considering Psychological Comfort and Stability for Patients
Placing top priority on the safety of patients with mobility difficulties, the product is designed to prevent parts of their bodies being jammed or injured.
From the designing stage of the product, the company has taken particular note of the management of measurements in-between parts and has lowered the height of the bed by 50~100mm to reduce the risks of falls.
Designed to facilitate convenient maneuvering in all body postures including when the patient is lying, sitting, or standing up, the product has adopted an ergonomic design for all parts that come into contact with the patients’ body so that they can feel an optimized level of comfort.
With unceasing passion, Kareroom not only manufactures medical beds but also stretchers for patients, emergency carts, shower trolleys, and other medical devices — to provide high-quality products to consumers.
The company is also constantly investing in R&D to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices.
Moreover, it is carrying out R&D to develop not only medical beds and other devices but also the AI motion bed, an electric bed tailored to be used in homes.

Hospital Beds

Seeking advanced total medical solutions, Kareroom is a company whose executives and staff are all exerting efforts to develop the company into a representative player in the medical new industry market.
With the hopes of developing better production processes and achieving corporate growth, Kareroom is currently constructing a new office building of 4,000 pyeong in the Gyeongsan Smart Industrial Complex, located in Gyeongsangbuk-do. The future growth of Kareroom is already drawing attention in Korean and global medical circles.

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