Automotive Parts

[INQ. NO. 2107M09] The auto parts industry, which slowed down due to COVID-19, has been showing a recovery trend in 2021. As a result, Korea’s auto parts exports have been increasing recently and this trend seems to be continuing for the time being.

Valeo Pyeong Hwa International Co., Ltd., well-known as a Korean clutch OE supplier with PHC VALEO brand, is making efforts to become a global auto parts distributor by expanding its business area to engine, suspension, brake, and filter & wiper parts under PHC brand. The representative products are shock & strut, brake disc, and ignition coil.

PHC Shock & Strut
PHC shock & strut has the high quality as OE product because it has not only same component design with OE but also same damping force as OE. The High technology for preventing oil leakage makes customers satisfied with PHC shock & strut. With over 7,000 references, covering most global automotive brands and models.

Automotive Parts

PHC Brake discs
PHC Brake discs are the leading products having the largest market share in the Korean aftermarket. PHC provides brake disc with four types such as Normal, Black coated, Geomet coated and Premium type with black coating.
PHC brake discs are produced under stable and robust production systems such as process control systems, reliable press lines, and automated production lines. With the application of precise coating techniques and automatic coating lines, the PHC brake discs obtain high performance, longevity, and stability. Also over 800 parts can meet all customers’ needs.

Automotive Parts

PHC Ignition Coil
PHC Ignition coil provides various product types such as Pencil coils, Plug top coils, Coil rails, Block rails and Single ended coils with stable quality and durability. This is possible due to producing in reliable and robust production systems such as process control systems and automated production lines equipped with advanced equipment.
In addition, PHC has equipped with a number of test machines that can perform ignition-related quality tests. Therefore, PHC can provide products with a significantly low defect rate and high completeness.

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