Underfloor Heating System


[INQ. NO. 2107M07] MISUNG Co., Ltd. is the best company in the Korean underfloor heating system market.
MISUNG has currently exported “Made in Korea pipes” to various countries in East Asia and Central Asia, and is recognized for its excellent-quality underfloor heating pipes and hot&cold water supply pipes.
In addition, it is targeting the European market by conducting a branch office project through KOTRA in Zurich, Switzerland.
MISUNG’s products such as PE-Xa, PE-RT type II, and multi-layer pipes (PE-RT/AL/PE) are reputed to be the best quality in Korea.

Underfloor heating systems called “Ondol” are widely recognized as the best room-heating system. PE-Xa is a world-class plastic pipe that is used in a very scientific and eco-friendly Ondol system that heats the floor to increase the room temperature and circulate the heat in the room. MISUNG produces efficient and effective products that can maximize the advantages of the Ondol system based on over 40 years of PE-Xa production experience.
In addition, it has very high stability in quality by using 100% Korean raw materials (LG Chem / Lotte Chem).

Underfloor Heating System

PE-RT type II can be used for underfloor heating systems and hot & cold water systems. It is an eco-friendly plastic pipe that has very high economic efficiency compared to metal pipes and can overcome the rust problem of metal pipes.
MISUNG guarantees 100% quality by using 100% Korean raw materials (LG Chem).

Underfloor Heating System

Multi-Layer Pipe
This is a new-concept plastic pipe that overcomes the disadvantages of metal pipes and plastic pipes and offers various advantages.
There is no rust or moss phenomenon, and it is a plastic pipe with the strength of metal pipes. It is used not only for underfloor heating, and hot & cold water supply, but also in a wide variety of fields such as fire safety sprinkler pipes and gas pipes.

Underfloor Heating System

MISUNG guarantees superior quality by using 100% Korean raw materials (LG Chem).

Underfloor Heating System

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