Non-Ferrous Metal Special Alloy Wire

[INQ. NO. 2107M21] EUNSUNG Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in melting special alloy of non-ferrous metal and manufacturing wires.
The company produces clean non-ferrous materials by melting only high-purity raw materials, and is accordingly achieving world-best quality and service through standardization of the production process, management of the international standard size and permissible variation.
EUNSUNG is proceeding with steady R&D and new facilities expansion to become a leader in the field of nonferrous alloy melting and wire rod drawing in both domestic and foreign markets. It produces clean nonferrous materials by melting high-purity raw materials only and achieving the worldbest quality and service.
EUNSUNG is continuing to take on new challenges with various products, excellent technology and the best quality.
EUNSUNG supplies various products in round wire, one of the flagship products of EUNSUNG, ranging from copper wire, which has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and good plasticity, corrosion resistance and environmental resistance, to brass wire, which, as EUNSUNG’s technology-intensive product, has good ductility and malleability, high hardness, and non-corrosiveness due to high-degree drawing process.

Non-Ferrous Metal Special Alloy Wire

Its red brass wire has beautiful color and gloss and good non-corrosiveness, while its phosphor bronze wire is widely used for electronic machines requiring springs and conductivity of high quality due to high impact strength, ductility and malleability.
In addition, there is also nickel silver wire which has considerable strength among the copper alloys with the high-level work hardening by cold working; and there is aluminum wire which is applied to various industries as it has good thermal and electrical conductivity and is much lighter than iron.
Its EDM wire, used exclusively for wire cutting, maintains a stable machinability by reflecting customers’ needs for a long time, has the features of precise wire thickness, excellent true straightness and clean and smooth surface, and removes dust perfectly with high-pressure washing of the heat treatment process.

Non-Ferrous Metal Special Alloy Wire

EUNSUNG’s round wire features various superior characteristics insomuch as it is used as raw materials for various industries, such as screws, bolts, springs, plug insertion parts, rivets, fishing tackle, connectors, etc. The company also produces flat wires made of aluminum, red brass, brass, nickel silver, phosphor bronze, etc., which are used for various metal zippers, EMI/EMC filters, plugs, sliders, zippers, etc.
The specially shaped wire of non-ferrous alloy can be freely manufactured according to the shapes required by customers, such as basic materials for industrial use, basic materials for industries related to automobiles and shipbuilding, electronics and electricity, cutting-edge industry, and articles in daily use, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Good

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