Vacuum Pump

[INQ. NO. 2108M07] dooVAC’s DEN 400 is a water-sealed vacuum pump developed by complementing suction pumps exclusively for dental hospitals. The basic structure of the product is simply composed of a turbo-fan wing and a cylinder.
Water-sealed vacuum pumps are well-suited for processes in which the incoming air contains corrosive gases or large amounts of water by vacuuming in a sealed state with liquid inside a cylinder.
For this application, a filter, a vacuum gauge and a pressure controller are installed in the suction pipe, filters and valves in the water supply pipe for leak prevention. In addition, a double-temperature sensor and an overload protection-switch protect the motor.
To ensure safety in using electricity and water at the same time, the company manufactured the product as a practical one-piece by incorporating an electric converter with the product to turn the product on-and-off with DC 24 volt power. One DEN suction pump can be used for three or four dental chairs at the same time.

Vacuum Pump

The company’s DES402 works for four to ten dental chairs, and can save water and electric power if it is used in large hospitals.
The use of a single large-capacity model can prevent the inhalation pump from shutting down medical services in an entire hospital.
Recently, the DEN 400 product’s symbol sticker has been redesigned. The company adopted a bolder design to enhance the image of the product. It is gaining in popularity in the medical industry and countries where the medical industry is reviving such as Vietnam and Mexico.

Vacuum Pump

dooVAC supplies its cutting-edge vacuum pumps with global quality based on its self-developed technology and accumulated know-how of development. More than 32 years of research and performance improvement resulted in new application fields and innovative products.

Its vacuum pumps are recognized for outstanding performance and technological prowess in the air solution industry, and the company has established a position as a global leader in the vacuum industry.
Lastly, dooVAC started a business in a new factory from August 2020. It attributes the new start to its customers’ support and loyalty.
dooVAC always appreciates your support and looks forward to forming new relationships. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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