Tidying Rack


[INQ. NO. 2108M13] The basics of interior design lie in tidying up. And for organizing, shelf space is needed. But the shelf is not easy to move around, or it is difficult to assemble. Simple Rack is something that anyone can assemble quickly and easily. Not even a bolt is required.
There are three outstanding features of Simple Rack :
Firstly, it is time saving. The bars and brackets are designed to be made as a rack easily. With its provided manual, customers can put it together almost the same as playing with lego. For example, according to data, within one minute and 40 seconds, you can make 700mm400mm1500mm shelves with three levels.
Secondly, it is also solid. Simple Rack has six holding parts. It grabs the structure with four parts and two embossings, ensuring the solidity. So, there is no shaking. To prevent bending, up to 700mm length, Swanson & Lee Corp., Ltd. puts beads on it. It will thus remain straight no matter how long it is.
Thirdly, customers can express themselves creatively by making various shapes. Connection brackets can help you to make the shape of racks as varied as possible. By connecting the bars with its special structure, you can set the height and width as you wish. Customers can do customizing by themselves.

Tidying Rack

Moreover, with the hanger rod, wheel, S ring, EX mesh, etc., one can use simple rack as various kinds of furniture, from desks, to shelves, dressing tables, shoe closets, and closets. It is useful not only in the home, but also in offices, and the showroom simple rack is also handy.
Swanson & Lee can supply the best-quality products at very competitive prices to its valued customers all over the world, guaranteeing a speedy response to any requests.

Tidying Rack

Its factory in Korea was established in 1997, and with its long manufacturing experience, Swanson & Lee developed steel racks that can be assembled without bolts. After identifying all the advantages and disadvantages of boltless racks and complementing them, Swanson & Lee guarantees its top-quality products.

Tidying Rack

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