Demolition and Rescue Firefighting (DRFF) Vehicles

[INQ. NO. 2108M19] Jinwoo SMC Co. Ltd. was established in 2007, as a professional manufacturer for aerial access elevating work platforms and Demolition and Rescue Firefighting (DRFF) vehicles. The company has established a customized production system through continuous R&D and technical investment, such as new product development to meet the needs of the changing business and work environments.
Jinwoo SMC is thus widely recognized as a professional special vehicle manufacturing company with high-level technology both in Korea and abroad, growing to be a global company exporting to 24 countries.

JWF 210A
In the event of unexpected fires in a special zone with highly inflammable structures like in chemical/cement plants, oil and natural gas reserves etc., first response is always key to controlling the fire. In such situations, its specially research-developed wireless remote controlled DRFF will first penetrate the structure through a special demolisher, and then auto-spray the mixture of chemical foam with water through a nozzle by an auto-controlled Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS).
Threats to the safety of firefighters and the public, as well as damage to property can be highly minimized due to rapid reaction in using DRFF.

Demolition and Rescue Firefighting (DRFF) Vehicles

This is a multipurpose firefighting vehicle equipped with water pump and tank to simultaneously extinguish fires and perform rescue operations. It has excellent mobility in cases of complex multi-floor buildings located in downtown areas with narrow constrained passages. The multipurpose lifesaving firefighting vehicle with enhanced rescue operations is perfect for enhancing firefighting efficiency.
Jinwoo SMC developed the special firefighting truck in 2018. It is remote-controlled with a strong steel demolition attachment and water cannon, and is the exclusive supplier to the Korean headquarters of safety & disaster protection and the provincial firefighting departments.

Demolition and Rescue Firefighting (DRFF) Vehicles

Jinwoo SMC completed development of its standardization and mass-production system, and also acquired various certifications. Jinwoo SMC promoted domestic sales in 2018 and increased sales more every year, because it has more competitive prices compared with other similar imported models.
Also, Jinwoo SMC has reliable order-fulfillment capacity, and is ready to export the firefighting truck worldwide in the near future.

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