Circular Cutter

[INQ. NO. 2109M01] The patented circular cutter of DYSM uses a circular blade with enhanced durability. It can cut materials quickly and accurately over a long period of time, and can thus reduce costs.
This cutter does not use cutting oil, does not pollute the environment, and saves on costs of consumables.
The steel sheets cut by this machine have surface roughness equivalent to that achieved by milling machines.
This is a high-speed cutter that can cut steel sheets with dimensions of up to 75mm thick, 400mm wide, and1,550 mm long at a maximum speed of 600 mm/min.
This machine is compact enough to be installed in a space as small as 2.5 meters X 3.0 meters.

Circular Cutter

The digital scale allows precision numeric control and can cut materials on a scale of 1/10 mm.
The heat generated while cutting is about 40°C. Since the material is not deformed after cutting, the steel sheets maintain their original quality without twisting or deforming. Since the cutter can be quickly set for different settings, it can deliver the processed products quickly.

Circular Cutter

Even a beginner can operate the machine because it is simple to operate. It is quiet and high-speed, allowing users to speedily cut the materials.
It can improve productivity by reducing the control-time through the automated numeric control using the servo.
The user can improve productivity using an automated cutting program. This cutter is supplied to a variety of customers, and the remaining materials can be flexibly treated.

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