Refrigeration Units for Vehicles

[INQ. NO. 2109M03] Since its establishment in 1989, DONGIN THERMO Co., Ltd., as a company specialized in manufacturing refrigerators, has been professionally developing and producing refrigeration units for special transport vehicles.
As an increasing number of customers require electric freezers following the growth of transportation logistics and EV industries, DONGIN THERMO has been working hard to meet such demands by manufacturing electric refrigerators to meet the changing needs of the automobile industry.
As part of such endeavors, the company has started to release its independently developed electric freezers to the domestic market from 2021.
While providing maximum cooling effect, these freezing units use minimum power. They are considered to be optimized freezers as they are able to freeze products up to minus 25 degrees Celsius, freezing enough for such food items as ice cream that should be kept at ultra-low temperature.

Refrigeration Units for Vehicles

As these units use supplementary batteries produced by local battery manufacturers in cooperation with the company and do not adversely affect the vehicle operation, drivers do not need to care about charging them.
The company is also producing main type freezers that are powered by vehicle engines, ESC type freezers that can continue operating even while vehicles are parked, and sub-type freezers that are powered by sub engines.
The freezer manufacturer has secured technical expertise that has enabled it to play a vital role in the automobile industry, and its cutting-edge technology is ensuring that it can take the lead in the global market.
DONGIN THERMO maintains its customer care at the highest level and is committed to growing further based on its accumulated experience, and verified technical expertise.

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