Complex Multi-Tube Boiler

[INQ. NO. 2109M11] The eco-friendly technology developed through painstaking endeavors by Changhwa Energy is perfectly suited to the low-carbon age.
The technical prowess that the company has so far built up assisted a new leap forward toward achieving more mature customer satisfaction. Thanks to its outstanding technical development and researches, it is able to develop and manufacture our own eco-friendly boilers and establish production systems.
Based on such technology, the company is committed to providing high-efficiency and high-quality products at affordable prices so as to enhance people’s lives. The company is also planning to intensely research and develop technologies that are in line with the national energy and environment strategies, thereby playing a key role on the global stage.
Changhwa Energy’s core technology is a multi-tube-based pipe structure, providing new functions for home appliances and industrial products.

Complex Multi-Tube Boiler

In addition, the company’s technology utilizes multiple tubes to quickly produce hot water (steam) and is applied to various fields.
The structure using multi-tube technology shortens the preheating time, saving energy that would otherwise be wasted during the warm-up time.
The multi-tube structure is a design-method to make precise calculations and conduct heat to the maximum, heating water within a short period of time and maximizing efficiency.

Complex Multi-Tube Boiler

Moreover, Changhwa Energy’s products based on multi-tube technology are used for industrial boilers, electric boilers, hot-air blowers, heating medium boilers, electric steam boilers etc., guaranteeing the best satisfaction, whatever customers choose.

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