Snow Makers

[INQ. NO. 2109M08] SnowTech Co., Ltd. is creating snowmaking technology that enables anyone to feel, touch, and see real cold snow anytime and anywhere.
If the previous concepts of ‘snow’ were confined within limited frameworks such as winter and forests, SnowTech’s snow technology has moved beyond such perceptions of temperature and space, and expanded the concept of snow into four seasons and downtowns.
As a result of its R&D, SnowTech has developed an ‘All Weather Snowmaker’ that produces real snow and allows it to fall all the year round, and an ‘Ice Magic Snowmaker’ that creates snow at room temperature.
Snowtech has thus gained a competitive edge in leading snow technology in the global market.

Snow Makers

SnowTech believes that ‘snow is the most beautiful romance given by God for human beings’. SnowTech hopes that people around the world can now have the chance to feel, enjoy and appreciate the romance of snow. SnowTech pursues valuable and creative snow technology through which the provision of nature and people can be harmonized.
All Weather Snowmaker and Ice Magic Snowmaker are able to produce real snow all the year round. One can feel authentic, soft and natural snow.
In addition, with the produced snow, a place to play and experience pleasant and eco-friendly snow can be created.
Now you can enjoy the experience of snow at spas, restaurants, hotels and event zones.

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