Enhanced NFPP Board


[INQ. NO. 2109M14] FlexForm Korea, as a global manufacturer of fiber-reinforced composite materials, is mainly producing eco-friendly composite materials made of recycled and natural fibers that are considered to be key to the recent automobile trend of developing green components.
Thanks to its high-level manufacturing capacity and R&D, the manufacturer’s products are being used as interior and exterior materials for various vehicles made by Mercedes Benz, FCA Jeep, HKMC, etc.
Among the various materials, Flexform’s enhanced NFPP consists of natural fiber and enhanced polypropylene. This material becomes a nonwoven through their carding line and is turned into fiber-reinforced composite boards with outstanding properties after undergoing DBP line, which is Flexform’s exclusive board- manufacturing technology.

Enhanced NFPP Board

In comparison with other NFPP materials, the enhanced NFPP manufactured using Flexform’s own technology boasts material properties stronger by around 40% (test method: ASTM D 790) in terms of flexural strength, and by around 30% (test method: ASTM D 638) in terms of tensile strength.

Enhanced NFPP Board

This material’s greatest feature is that it can make products lighter than any of the other similar materials with the same properties. In addition, it is outstanding in absorbing sounds and impact resistance compared with other injection-molded products as it is made of fibers and has a micro-porous structure.
While general NFPP materials are currently applied to a number of automobile interior and exterior components including door trims, headliners, underbody shields, etc., Flexform’s enhanced NFPP is expected to be widely used in the EV market where such attributes as eco-friendliness and lightweight have emerged as the biggest issues.

Enhanced NFPP Board

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